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Equipment Plannet

Subsea & Marine Services is committed to provide diving services to their Customers as per their high level of satisfaction. We are not compromising on the quality of equipment; hence we ensure that all our equipment are complying with best International quality standard.     
Al the equipments are maintained as per IMCA guidelines (IMCA D 18)

Full Commercial Diving Spread
Decompression chamber
High pressure compressors
Low pressure compressors
Air banks
Diving radios (amcom III & amron)
Kirby Morgan diving helmets 17,18
JIC end fitting diving umbilical (170,100,50 meter long)
Diving harnesses & diving ladder
Bail out cylinders (10/12 liter each)
loud speaker amplifier
Closed circuit TV hat mounted camera (CCTV system)
Air diving panel and Scuba replacement
Pulley, diver recovery tackle
Personal diving gears (fins, suits, knives, etc.)
Diving spars, fittings

Subsea Construction Equipment
Under water high pressure water jet
Hydraulic jack hammer
Vacuum low pressure air lift
Under water grit blasting
Under water cutting/ welding gears (broco)
Air bags & pontoons

Subsea Inspection Equipment
Bathy-corromter roxby
U/W digital thickness meter Cygnus
Sony digital video/still photos camera
Metal detector
Measuring tapes, caliper, identification boards
Closed cicuit t.v. system

Deck Equipment
Fresh water H.P water jet washing machine (350 PSI)